Srishti Khindaria


Crossing paths with Mansee has been one of the most unparalleled experiences of my life. Her expertise as a Coach has gone a long way in helping me grow. I have become more mindful, aware and I am in greater control of my actions and reactions. After our sessions, I have seen progress and improvement in not just my personal, but my professional life as well. My profession comes with a lot of challenges, but through Mansee’s coaching, I have learnt to see them as opportunities. I see results not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically and dedication are second to none. Mansee has helped me find my own little sunshine. She makes my ordinary, extraordinary.

Aakriti Singhal

IT Professional

I got a chance to onboard a beautiful and powerful journey of Soul Coaching with Mansee. These 28 days made me dig that inner wisdom, understand the depth of my soul, along with manifestation of a path to self-love and personal growth with her support and techniques. Mansee has been my guiding angel, a mentor and a heart healer as she held my hand throughout. The best part about her, is that she goes beyond her time-commitment limits in understanding, supporting and guiding. She makes sure that I feel happy and keep learning and evolving. I am grateful to have her in my life through the soul coaching program. I strongly recommend Mansee to anyone who seeks to embark a path to self-discovery and self-love.

Sumita Ahuja

Financial Consultant

Emotional Mastery Coaching has embarked tremendous change in my personality and wellbeing. I have become more confident, focused, enthusiastic and enterprising after taking Coaching sessions from Mansee. She has the nerve to understand people and help them find their answers to win over the weaknesses in their personality. I recommend Mansee’s services to everyone who is keen to bring a change in himself.

Santanu Bhattacharjee

Sales Business Operations Specialist

I am grateful towards Mansee for opening up new perspectives on my various situations. I was always able to view my situations from a completely new angle and see the road to my desired solutions. Her sessions helped me change my attitude about myself and my career. It made me more courageous to make and even embrace change. I appreciate that you didn’t make decisions for me, but instead, helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. I will never forget the help; both personally and professionally. Mansee is an exemplary professional and her insights and directions are always on target. I feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. Thanks for everything!

Suhani Chanchlani


I met Mansee in very extraordinary times. As a graduate of the batch of 2020, I found it very hard to transition from college to the professional world, especially because of the pandemic. With Mansee’s insightful approach to managing emotions, time and relationships, bit by bit, I found it easier to navigate adulthood. Not only this, I have been able to inculcate good habits, manage my relationships and emotions better. She will always be a partner in your growth. I truly value the robust mental health that I have been able to maintain, with her assistance. When the pandemic makes your worst fears come true, Mansee’s invaluable lessons provide you with an oasis of calmness in this very chaotic world.

Diya Sethi

Creative Copywriter

My coaching sessions with Mansee Vashist have been an extremely beautiful experience for me. Right from our first session, this space felt like a safe one where I could freely express, reflect, and share. After years of neglecting it, I have finally begun journaling, and that’s all thanks to her! My sessions with Mansee have been like a journey for me to understand myself better. It has helped me gain perspective of my own thoughts and feelings like never before. The insight that I got during my sessions with her has been very integral to me, and my growth as an individual. She is a wonderful person who makes sure that she understands you and also, helps you understand yourself and grow well. I am immensely grateful for this experience!

Niharika Mantoo


My experience with Mansee has been really calming. When I see myself as the girl who had so many unsorted thoughts, bottled down feelings and so much chaos in her head, transition into the peaceful self I have become; it’s nothing short of magic! I cannot thank Mansee enough for just being there and listening. We shared a lot of beautiful anecdotes which have stayed with me. She made me feel comfortable in sharing all my vulnerabilities. I, for one, was quick to get comfortable with her because I knew she would not just hear me out but also listen. I feel that I can manoeuvre my life in a better direction now backed with a zealous and more confident version of myself! Thanks again, Mansee!

Riaz Mulla

Leadership Learning and Talent Development Professional

I have had the great privilege of working closely with Mansee to design and execute training interventions on Coaching and Emotional Intelligence and Wellness. Her ability to understand the issue at the core, come up with empathetic themes that will address those needs and to deliver them in a manner that makes the learner listened and responded to, makes her a great professional in the field. Besides the obvious skills, what I am deeply touched with has been her pure intent to support and help people. That, more than anything, resonates in everything she does and that, I believe, is the reason why anyone who works with her will go back blessed.

Anjalie Chaudhary

Organizational Effectiveness Professional

It is always a wonderful experience working with Mansee. Her warmth and approachability have so much wisdom behind it, that one can never gather it all in just one conversation, and so, everyone wishes to interact with her over and over again! The conversations that one has with her just leaves them with effortless learnings, a new zest for learning one’s own self and a sense of love for self. Her full-fledged maturity, genuine love and utmost care for people, shines through each and every interaction; be it big or a fleeting one. She has successfully conducted several sessions for us at TechMahindra, and we have always received amazing feedback from those who participated in those sessions.
Thank you, Mansee!

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