Emotional Wellness

Achieving the version you
want to be is not hard, if you
have the right tools.

Emotional Mastery

Your Emotions can heal you or they can hurt you, depends which way you take. Emotional Mastery is my signature program to gain insight and learn how to make your emotions work for you. A comprehensive program to excel in personal and professional life through Emotional Intelligence, having successful relationship with self and others This program is divided into two parts; Personal Mastery and Social Mastery and comprises of 8 Modules.

This master series will take you through the journey of your emotions: what they truly mean to you and understanding how you process them.

We will cover topics like self-acceptance and care, Inner critique, how to build emotional capital, emotional resilience and cultivating deeper relationships etc.

You will learn:

  • How to gain control over yourself in situations where you tend to lose control.
  • How to overcome the feeling of helplessness.
  • How to gain control of the direction of your life.
  • How to live a life of true happiness, peace and fulfillment.
  • How to practice being fully present and experience the joys of life.
  • First Thing First

    A program to stop the negative spiral in its track and starting your journey in the redirection you want.

    A powerful 5 module series where you will work your way out of the feeling of 'being stuck'.

    If you are ready to move in the right direction, whether you know or do not know what is holding you back, this program is for you.

    You will learn:

  • To overcome procrastination and the fear of failure.
  • To overcome the need for instant gratification.
  • To overcome anxiety caused by stress.
  • To overcome the peril of seeking perfection. To develop a solution focused approach.
  • Clearing the Inner Clutter

    If you feel weighed down, directionless and burned out, this program will help you clear your path and move forward.

    A 5-module series where we work on clearing your inner Emotional and Mental clutter. Sorting & Clearing out your internal clutter, empowers you to make space for the things that matter most to you—include increased joy, happiness, wellness, love, reduction of stress and frustration. It allows you to focus upon what you need to focus.

    You will learn:

    • What is holding you back from living the life you are capable of living.
    • How to overcome low self-esteem, self-doubt, negative thoughts about self, fear & insecurities.
    • How to overcome guilt or regret, toxic relationships, your need to seek approval from others.

    Not sure what would be the best for you?
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