The Early Calling

I was destined to be a coach and help people overcome their challenges. Since my young age, I was curious about emotions, behaviors, and what inspires someone to be incredible and emotionally balanced. I got introduced to Graphology, the art of understanding humans through their handwriting, and there my passion found a new direction.
As I grew up, I became the ever-reliable friend, the shoulder to cry and the troubleshooter in college and offices. People shared their problems and challenges with me, and I was unlocking the pattern of thoughts, how the mind works, the mystery of emotional turbulence, and the secrets of success and growth.
At that time, I did not know my volunteering work could become a viable career option. But luckily, I was already on my path to becoming what I am today. After the 115th (or so) time of “Mansee, what are you doing in this space, why don’t you do something professionally where you can help more and more people” nudges and requests from my peers, I finally embraced calling.

The Leap of Faith

After dealing with various forms of coaching, from leadership coaching to life coaching, I finally decided to be an Emotional Wellness and Emotional Intelligence Coach. My quest of understanding “the way we are”, spirituality and emotional wellbeing has driven me to explore the immense possibilities of Soul Coaching.
The troika of Emotional Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, and Soul Coaching today helping me to make a difference in people’s lives and open up the world of possibilities to them. In the world of loss, pain, grief, and setbacks, I help my clients feel safe and confident and overcome their emotional entanglement and professional challenges.
I am a Mother of a talented son, wife of a brilliant man, a joyous and warm friend to many and the healer of my clients’ hearts.

My Mission

I believe in a world where everyone has complete mastery over their emotional wellbeing and living a fulfilling life driven by purpose and service attitude. Everyone is suffering from emotional turbulence. But together we can solve it.
My mission is to help everyone unlock their inner possibilities, master their emotions, turn plans into actions and achieve their dream. I am here to empower the youngsters and millennials in becoming the superheroes of their own lives. The best way to do that is to manage the core of our being and understand our emotions. My programs are carefully crafted to help everyone manage their emotions, enrich their relationship with themselves, and live a joyful life.

My Professional Achievements

India’s Only Licensed Soul Coaching® Practitioner
International Coaching Federation (ICF)-Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Internationally Certified & Licenced Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach Practitioner
Internationally Certified Graphologist, Graphotherapist& Signature Expert
Certified Mindfulness Coach
Masters in Psychology

We can do great things together!

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