Have you Run Your PPT Today?

The moment someone mentions the word “ppt”, we will think of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. Ppt has become such an ingrained part of our lives for most of us.

Well, the ppt that I am referring to here is “Powerful Positive Thoughts” – PPT.

A powerful ppt is always impactful, whether in work or in business.

Especially in the current times of Corona Crisis, where stress, Worry and Virus are no less than the Corona Virus, our personal PPT acts like an immunity booster. It is the vital Multivitamin too.

When we run our PPT, it only energizes and motivates us, it heals us too. It gives us the strength and courage to take up each day with a new outlook, we harness our brand-new breaths, breath that we take every moment.

Your PPT can be anything that is powerful to you, gives your positivity, whether it’s your gratitude for being health, either for being helped or being helpful to someone. Whether it is about being protected or being a source of protection to someone. What all you are grateful for is part of your ppt. Your own thoughts of hope, zeal and willingness to deal with a situation can be part of your ppt.

It is your personal PPT, you choose what goes into it, you define the script and contents for your PPT.

It is amazingly powerful, have you run your PPT today?

What is Emotional Resilience and why does it matter?

Have you noticed how a stressful event impacts you?

How well are you able to deal with setbacks, crisis or adversity? Do they throw you completely out of gear; impacting your normal, regular interactions with others adversely?

Or, are you one of those who DO NOT get bogged down by stress, failures or obstacles and Bounce back well, infact well in time?

People who can manage stress, failures, crisis or emotional turbulence so well, do carry an amazing Trait, called “Emotional Resilience”.

Emotional Resilience is the ability of an individual to adapt to stressful situations or crisis.

Higher the Emotional Resilience, better the ability to bounce back from crisis and stress. It is a trait which can be developed very well with practice and patience.

It centres around finding positivity and gaining strength in a difficult and tough situation. To be good at Emotional Resilience is a must, not only for a happy and successful life, but for a long and healthy life too.

Being emotionally resilient also helps us Grow through what we go through.

What does it take to be Emotionally Resilient?

Traits that make one Emotionally Resilient are-

Self Awareness: Awareness of one’s own emotional reactions and behavior of other people. This helps them be in control of their own emotional reactions and look at alternative solutions of dealing with a problem.

Willingness to Bounce Back: The zest and persistence to keep working toward a goal even when faced with an obstacle. The perseverance to march, get up and fight the situation well, even when pushed down by a failure, crisis or set back.

Flexibility in approach and willingness to adapt to Change: Recognition and acceptance that life is full of changes and not everything is in control. The key lies in being flexible, open to change and carrying an optimistic outlook.

Positive Mindset & Belief in Self: Emotional resilient people are optimistic. Unlike others, they see the positives in most situations and believe in their strength to overcome challenges.

Building up your Emotional Resilience is about strengthening up your Emotional Immune System:

Now all of us are aware of the physical immunity to fight against COVID-19. But are you aware of your own emotional immunity system? Are you putting constant efforts to build your emotional immune system?

Having an emotional immune system will help you to resolve your emotional baggage, wipe out your past trauma, acknowledge the present challenges and focus on them. It will help you to fight against the setbacks, emotional turbulence, failure and rejections.

A strong Emotional Immune system helps one become more Emotional Resilient.

How to develop Emotional Resilience?

The good news is Emotional Resilience, like any other skill, can be built up with practice. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

Here is a quick checklist to start off. But remember, the magic will not happen in one day. It will require constant efforts and mindful practices.

  • Watch out on your thoughts
  • Set your priorities right
  • Connect with positive people
  • Build relationship with people you resonate with
  • Say goodbye to toxic relationships
  • Define boundaries for self and others
  • Laugh more and be grateful for everything you have
  • Have a healthy routine and stick to it
  • Face your fears and overcome them like a warrior

Being emotionally resilient is no more an option but a must have skill to live a rewarding and happy life.

Have you ever tested your emotional resiliency? How emotionally resilient are you? What are your biggest emotional roadblocks? We would love to know and help you to improve!