Emotions can be your 'food for success'.

See how you can reach your full potential by harnessing your emotions. Let your emotions work for you.




Helping millennials to improve every aspect of their life by honing their emotions as tools to access the potential in themselves.

Seeing the world!

I see the world with a potential of growth where your emotions are not just something you just live with. They can be a tool to help you grow and be more dynamic with your approach to anything in life. Everyone has a chance of being better for themselves and the ones around them.
It is my mission to help people have a positive impact on everything around them.

Hi! I am Mansee

I am a Mother of a talented son, wife of a brilliant man, a joyous and warm friend to many and the healer of my clients’ hearts.I am here to help you become emotionally resilient, find harmony between action and emotion, find the purpose of your life, and be the best version of yourself. In my rich corporate experience spanning over 30 years, I have worked extensively in the space of Leadership Learning & Coaching, Performance Management, Training, Process Excellence and Business Excellence in IT Industry. Along with this, I continue to learn and have successfully been able to garner the knowledge that came with accomplishing these achievements-
  • India’s Only Licensed Soul Coaching® Practitioner
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)-Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Internationally Certified & Licenced Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Internationally Certified Graphologist, Graphotherapist&Signature Expert
  • Certified Mindfulness Coach
  • Masters in Psychology
Through my powerful Emotional Mastery and Soul Coaching® Programs, I aim to help people have a positive impact on their life, thereby, attaining a joyful, successful and fulfilling life.

Coaching Programs

Achieving the version, you want to be is not hard, if you have the right tools.

Emotional Wellness

A Journey of understanding your emotions, clearing your Emotional and Mental clutter, and working your way out of the feeling of “Being Stuck”.

Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching® is a powerful program of finding your Life Purpose, aligning yourself with it and raising your empowered potential.


comes first

What my clients have to say about their experience


IT Professional

Mansee has been my guiding angel, a mentor and a heart healer as she held my hand throughout and even after this journey…

Srishti Khindaria


Crossing paths with Mansee has been one of the most unparalleled experiences of my life. She put me on the path to discover my true self….

Together, we can go through the journey of discovering your best 'self' and empower you to be who you want to be

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