Soul Coaching

Tap into the Wisdom of your Soul

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Soul Coaching®is a powerful program of finding your Life Purpose, aligning yourself with it and raising your empowered potential.
It is a magical journey of 28 days to look deeper within and tap into one’s inner wisdom. It is a journey of self-healing through the inner dialogues and guidance from the wisdom of your soul in association with the four elements; air, water, fire and earth.
Soul Coaching®works by helping you declutter the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical aspects of your being. It helps you to discover what is stopping you, what do you need to change within and who do you need to become to live the life of your purpose. Clearing this inner and external clutter enables you to listen to the guidance from your soul; your higher self. It is a special coaching process designed by Denise Linn, International Healer, Author and Teacher.
It is a special coaching process designed by Denise Linn, international Healer, Author and Teacher.

Promise of the Program

  • This program helps you discover how can you live your life in accordance with your values
  • It helps who find out who do you need to become through deep conversation with self
  • It helps to clear the inner debris and doubts and bring your Focus on where you need to
  • actually Focus.
  • It strengthens your belief in yourself through a journey of empowering commitments.
  • It encourages you to give an empowering meaning to your life, un-weave negative
  • patterns in your relationship with self and other relationships.

Program Details

The 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program offered is – Discover Your Authentic Self. This program is divided into 4 weeks, each week dedicated to the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth respectively.
  • Days 1-7 are committed to Air– Clear mental debris.
  • Days 8-14 are committed to Water– Dive deep into your emotional self.
  • Days 15-21 are committed to Fire– Connect deeply with your spiritual self.
  • Days 22-28 are committed to Earth– Associate with your physical self.

Your Commitment to the Program:

This program provides great flexibility so that you plan it around your schedule and day. There are 3 different levels of daily participation.
  • Level 1: Committed to Change (15-30 Minutes)
  • Level 2: Going for It! (30-60 Minutes)
  • Level 3: Playing Full Out (Take as long as you want!)
You have the flexibility to choose the level of self-coaching exercise you want to take up each day.For each day there is a guided audio meditation, affirmations and activities (that you can choose from Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3).
During this 28-day journey,there will be weekly coaching sessions tofacilitate and support you in having a deeper exploration of self during your Soul Coaching® Program. These programs can be facilitated as One-to -One Coaching Program or Group Coaching Programs.
Never be afraid to dive inward,
your soul will catch you.
-Angie Weiland-Crosbyl